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like 50% or more of the OCs I talk about here are my GFs tho (theyre cute)

if you have any questions about/for my OCs feel free to ask!!!! I love talking about these losers

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gross nerds kissin n stuff. im sorry

holly wanted a boxing au who am i to say no. jericho runs an underground boxing ring and is skeezy as usual with fox… caspian is a grumpy chain smoker who was working in a little back alley surgery until jericho offered him a job managing the fighters injuries after matches. hes originally from spain, and sometimes he trips up his english so he prefers to keep his conversations with the boxers short n to the point. lafayette is an outrageous flirt with no off- button who fights way too recklessly to work off steam from all his daddy issues. he makes a lot of bets with caspian over what parts of his body are going to get broken next, but cas usually wins.

i dont know anything about boxing.

October 21, 2013 - 6:38am [6 months ago]

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